Hello Beautiful Souls!
Happy Spring Equinox!

From my heart, i want to thank you for helping us create this music. It has been a journey and labor of love starting in February 2023. I could not have done it without your support. So far we raised about half of the cost to make this song reality, which is amazing. I will share more later on the journey of creating this, but for right now I wanted to thank you for your support and to share the final mastered copy with you. This is a private link, just for you, I have not released the song yet. I’m still working out the release plan, but it will probably be in stages over the next month culminating on Earth Day. For right now this is for you to enjoy, and if you are moved by the song, there will be ways to share soon. But please do not share this link publicly. We are still raising funds to give this song a good release support and to create new music, i have 2 other songs in production and about 12 more ready to go into the studio. So the journey will continue.

When we release the music, if you have other friends that really love the music and want to support you can share this crowdfunding page link with them or they can contact me privately. We are still looking for some executive producers, and every single donation is received with love and gratitude, and really does help to cover the costs associated with making music. Paying for studio time, musicians, and release support, as well as living expenses that helped to create time to make even more music.

My greatest wish is to be able to create music that inspires peoples hearts and minds, and helps to create more peace and healing in this world. My hope for this song is that it will inspire piece in peoples hearts, and they will turn up the volume sing dance, and at the top of their lungs sing ‘Praying for Love {War is Over}!!!

I am so grateful to all of the people that worked on this music and helped me to create it with me{ full song credits coming soon} the musicians, the engineers and the folks that supported the creation of this song. Enjoy and please feel share you feedback with me at [email protected]
If you have trouble listening to either of these links, you can email me there too.

Peace + Love, Saul David Raye

ps -Here are the links to listen to the song. Gofundme makes it hard to share active links so i created this page. I will send you a donwloadable copy soon for being an awesome supporter:)) but listen for now and let me know what you think :)

Here are the links for you to listen. Please dont share these, once we release there will be other links for folks to use.

There is a Soundcloud link – HIGHER QUALITY – HERE

Youtube – music here