Online Workshop ~ The Healing Power of Sound + Chanting

Sunday July 14th / 3:30 pm – 5:30 pm Pacific time

The entire universe {including ourselves} is made of sound + light. Since the begining of time, the use of conscious sound, mantra and prayer has had deep effect and benefit for health, vitality and spiritual awakening.  There is a vibratory power within each of us that is awakened through chanting and sound. Join saul david raye for this special 2 hour online workshop as we explore the healing power of sound.

There will be a focus on the chanting of the OM Mantra and Gāyātri mantra. AUM [OM] is the vibratory current within the Universe and Gāyātri is an ancient sanskrit prayer, which is a mantra for attunEment to the solar energy or light that sustains all of life.
  • The Healing Power of Sound + Chanting / Overview
  • Introduction to Nada Yoga ~ The Yoga of Vibration
  • How to chant AUM / OM for healing and spiritual awakening
  • Gayatri Mantra ~ Ancient Mantra of Solar Attunement / How to Chant, Pronunciation, Meaning
  • Vāk – the power of Vibration / How to awaken your unique voice / How to use your voice for healing
  • Chanting to Awaken Creativity
  • Personal experiences chanting over the years
  • Developing and Supporting a personal chanting practice
  • Chanting + Meditation
  • The energy and effect of the Sun, Moon + EARTH and how to connect with them energetically through Mantra.
This workshop is part 1 in series of sessions that will explore the power and mysticism of sound and creating / supporting a personal chanting practice.
saul david raye is a yogi, musician and recording artist. His father was musician and he grew up in a recording studio before learning yoga, mantra and chanting in his early twenties. Sound, chanting and mantras have been an integral part of his own healing journey and mystical experience. He has been chanting mantras for over 30 years, primarily in both the Yoga and Buddhist traditions. He believes in the power of music to heal and unite us, both personally and collectively. He is currently writing and producing music to inspire the heart and mind.


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