Welcome Everyone :)

Payment information for our programs.

• Please label each payment (i,e. ‘India trip 2023 deposit’)

• Please send us an email notification as well, so we have your email and we can confirm receipt of payment.

Partial Cash PaymentIf you are comfortable to bring a partial payment in cash, you can bring up to $500 in cash, we can give a $50 discount.
This helps me with cash for the trip. Please let us know.

Deposit + Final Payment

• Please send a deposit to secure your space and notify us by email.

• India Trip full payment due by 2/15/23. But you can pay earlier and that is helpful.

Here are the following payment platforms.


No extra fee’s on the following:

Venmo – @soulnadi / saul david raye

Zelle [email protected]

Cash app – my cash tag is Soulnadi108


Paypal + Credit Card adds a 3% percent fee

Paypal[email protected] + 3%

Credit Card info – please notify us and we will send an invoice via stripe.

You can also send a wire transfer, please inquire for details.

If you have another payment platform you would like to use, please let me know.