New Mooon Meditations 2023 ~ Dynamic Heart Centered Meditation Practice **

~ Offered free or by donation each new moon in 2o23 ( see  full list of dates below)

Join Saul each new moon throughout 2023 for a powerful dynamic new moon meditation. The new moon is the rebirth of the moon cycle and energy each month and a powerful time to align mind, heart, body & Spirit. All are welcome in peace and respect.

Our first meditation in 2023, January’s super moon was a beautiful gathering with souls from the USA, England, France, Costa Rica, Mexico, Italy & Canada. Thank you to everyone who joined us:))

If you would like to join us for the next meditation, you can find the link below. Registration is only possible for each  following new moon meditation. After registration you will receive the link to the meditation. The general time for each meditation will be 12 PM Pacific time, the time may change depending on the timing of the new Moon, size travel schedule etc. But each new moon meditation will be posted in advance with time and date. Recordings are available for patreon community only.

** Dynamic Meditations include intention, breathwork, gentle movement, mantra / sound, focused awareness and prayer. These powerful meditations are an extension of my own meditation practice, they are unscripted and support each person in tapping into their own highest truth and and intuitive wisdom. Dynamic Meditations are a way of tapping into, experiencing and integrating the different dimensions of energy within us. We are both matter and spirit, our human experience is a confluence of many subtle levels of energy both material and spiritual in nature and many spaces in between as well. All of the layers are part and parcel of our being, yet at the very core of our being, there is pure light, pure awareness or consciousness. This mediation practice can be done by all and is a playful and dynamic way of experiencing more clarity, energy and inner connection to the clear light / consciousness within.

I have decided to offer these meditations free of charge this year, so that all who wish to participate can. However if you can and would like to make a donation, it is gratefully received and helps to support these offerings.

Registration / Free Option
You must register for each meditation. If you would like to joinf for free, you can just choose ‘free’ on the way out.

For Donation:
If you would like to make a donation, you can pay with card on check out or you can send a donation to:
venmo – @soulnadi

paypal & zelle[email protected]


Patreon Members Already Included 
These meditations are already included with Patreon membership. Each week, I post a practice for the PATREON community. There are also other extras like these new Moon meditations, workshops and access to the library of over 200 sessions. This is offered on a sliding scale and this is also where the replays are available. If you would like to join m y PATREON  community, you can visit the website – here.


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2023 Dates

Saturday January 21 –  12 pm USA / Pacific time

February 19  – 10:30 am  USA / Pacific time

March 21st – Time TBD

April 19th – Time TBD

May 19th – Time TBD

June 17th – Time TBD

July 17th – Time TBD

August 16th – Time TBD

September 14th – Time TBD

October 14th – Time TBD

November 13th – Time TBD

December 12th – Time TBD



Register for the Next New Moon Meditation Here


Live Stream Comments from January Meditation:

12:58:52 Thank you, Saul. Blessings to all!

13:13:19 Thank you Thank you Thank you

13:13:25 Thank you for channeling and guiding. All the new moon blessings to you and your family

13:13:53 Thank you!  Thank you! Perfectly aligned.  Blessings!

13:13:57 Om Namah Shivaya brother! Happy New Super Moon! 🙏❤️

13:14:15   Thank you so much, we (my mother and I) loved this – good night from London. Divya x

13:14:16 Thank you! Beautiful 💗. Namaste. 🙏

13:14:16     From Cheryl Hodgson : I LOVED the mediation!

13:14:27  It was very powerful and grounding.

13:14:30  Thank you so very much for this special momment

13:14:38   It felt wonderful!  I could sit and listen to you play guitar and chant all day!  Heart open!

13:14:38  My son and I enjoyed thank you

13:14:42  Thank you!!!!  Beautiful practice of love and soul!

13:14:43  Thank you for that deep heart opening moment

13:14:47  I absolutely loved it!! Thank you so much!!

13:14:49  It was beautiful- thank you Saul!  Wishing you a blessed year!

13:15:00  Thank you so much peaceful, greetings from Mexico blessings

13:15:11   A blessing in the new moon to be in your presence again, Saul. Looking forward to connecting with you more this year. Namaste

13:15:51     Thank you, Saul. Happy New Moon Blessings to all!

13:16:19 Thank you so much!!! My friends invited me and I am grateful to have sat with you in new moon energy!!

13:17:19 Thank you so much Saul, beautiful prayers felt with love. Feeling deeper connection to myself and the divine. Much love and gratitude for all you share, thank you x 13 🙂