Turning the Wheel of the Heart 2024
Bhakti + Prana Yoga Immersion Retreat
January 26-28

Daily Yoga Practice ~ Meditation ~ Chanting ~ Nature ~ Hiking ~ Sauna ~ Massage ~ Community

In Person At Pure Land Farms ~ Tibetan Buddhist Retreat 
Topanga, California
Both Residential & Non Residential Available


Join Saul for a weekend retreat program in the Santa Monica Mountains. Rejuvenate + Inspire yourself with 3 days and 2 nights of deep yoga practice, meditation, chanting, relaxation and natural rejuvenation. The program will be held at a private spiritual retreat in a beautiful natutral setting in the Santa Monica Mountains. You may arrive early same day and stay after the program on this beautiful land. The weekend will support students in deepening their practice with time to relax and rejuvenate. Space is limited to 15 people staying onsite and 5 spaces available for non-residential.

Renewal + Inspiration
Starting the New Year with the momentum and positive energy of practice and community is a great support to the new cycle. A wonderful space to inspire the mind and heart and create an auspicious beginning to the year. On this sacred land there is also the healing power of the 5 elements; Sauna, Pool + Labyrinth and walking / hiking trails. The group atmosphere will be supportive to practice, healing and renewing inspiration + connection with life. All are welcome in the spirit of peace + practice.

About our Location
Pure Land Tibetan Sanctuary is a beautiful Tibetan temple, healing center and retreat in the Santa Monica mountains. The sacred and peaceful land is a refuge for practice, learning & rejuvenation. more info and photos here – https://purelandfarms.com

Residential & Non – Residential Retreat Options

Residential & non- residential options are available for the retreat. Both includes 3 days / 2 nights of program, use of land and facilities, 3 meals day, tea/coffee, snacks. There are a few different accommodation types available a few have private bathroom and rest are shared bathroom. Staying at the retreat center is best for an immersive experience  as you can stay at the center and not have to drive. We have space for about 20 people for this program, which creates a more intimate, relaxed experience. There are about 16 spaces available on the land and about six spaces available for non-residential. Space is limited, if you want to join us, please reserve a space soon.


Retreat Price:

  • Registration + Prices
    ~ Non Residential – $450  for Full 3 day program, meals, tea / coffee, use of land and facilities.

    ~ Accomodation is available separately see below for prices. After you register for the retreat, you will be sent a link to book your accommodation directly with the retreat center.

Prices: for Accommodations / Separate from the Retreat Price
Prices listed are for 3 days / 2  nights accommodations / January 26-28, 2024
+ 12% LA County Occupancy Tax
Nomad Yurt $100 for 2 nights / per person
This beautiful mongolian yurt space  has no electricity or heaters. But is great for solitude and sleeping bags. A beuatiful quiet space for reflection. There are 2 twin beds. 2 people max.
Ati  + Yangchenma Yurts – $150 for 2 nights / per person
These beautiful mongolian yurts are very comfortable and elegant inside. Both Ati & Yangchenma  have 3 twin beds electricity and space heaters.
Garuda Deluxe Yurt – $250 single / $350 for 2 people / price for 2 nights 
Beautiful mongolian private yurt with private deck. Also has electricity and space heater. Shared bathroom. This accommodation is a more private space for solitude.  For single or couple.
Shared Indoor Rooms – $150 single bed / for 2 nights
There are 2 rooms in the main house. One room has 3 beds and the other has 2 beds.
Comfortable beds, shared bathroom, the main house is very nice +  peaceful.
Tara House –  $250 Single  / $350  for 2 / price for 2 nights 
Quiet private room near temple. With queen bed and private 1/2 bathroom.
Zen House  – $250 Single  / $350 for 2 / 2 nights
Beautiful private room with Queen Bed. Shared bathroom.

Tanaduk Tiny House – $300 for single / for 2 nights
A wonderful tiny house with 1/2 bathroom and small kitchen, heater and electricity.
Ideal for one person.

Pool House – $300 for single / $400 for 2 people / for 2 nights 
This is a beautiful private space with private bathroom. Quiet and view of the mountains.
Temple Sleeping Space – $100 for 2 nights
Sleep in the healing temple on a Mattress.
Car Camping – $70 / 2 nights 
For those who have a comfortable vehicle and use the facilities & bathrooms.

You can view the different types of accommodation here – View Here


Registration for this retreat is in a few steps.

Step 1 – Look at accommodations available and choose which accommodation you would like. Please pick two choices as we may be out of your first choice. You can see all available accommodations here – https://purelandfarms.com/retreat-accommodations-ritam

If you are non – residential just use step 2.

Step 2 – Please sign up for the retreat with us by sending an email  [email protected].
If you have not taken a program with Saul before, please introduce yourself :) Tell us what accommodation you would like and make the payment for the retreat here. –  https://ritamhealingarts.com/the-ritam-payment-portal/
Amount is $450

Step 3 – You will receive an email confirmation from us with a link to book your accommodation.

Step 4 – You can book your accommodation for the retreat.

We apologize for the extra steps, they are necessary so that the accommodation is booked directly with the retreat center and there are no double bookings.

Please email [email protected] or text if you have any questions or need any assistance



Retreat Schedule

Friday Jan 26th 

• 2 PM – Arrival on the Land

Healing Treatments available, Sauna + Hiking

• 5pm – Prana Yoga Practice

• 7pm – Dinner

• 8:30 pm – Evening Welcome / Chanting 


Saturday Jan 27th 

• 7:00am – Dynamic Meditation /  Breathwork / Chanting

• 8:15 am Breakfast

• 10:15 – Yoga Practice

• 1pm – Lunch

• 5pm – Deep Relaxation + Meditation

• 7 pm – Dinner

• 8:30 pm – Evening PROGRAM Kirtan / Satsangh



Sunday Jan 28th 

• 7:00am – Dynamic Meditation /  Breathwork / Chanting

• 8:15 am Breakfast

• 10:15 – Yoga Practice / Closing Circle

• 1pm – Lunch

• 3pm Departure **

** Sunday night Accommodation is availble if you wish to stay until monday morning