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Heart Medicine Yoga + Chanting Fall Tour 2018

November 16, 2018 - December 8, 2018



Saul David Raye and the following special musical guests:

Jim Beckwith (Nashville & Northern Cal)
HuDost (Nashville)
Shantala (Portland)
Jens Jarvie and the Heart Wide Open (Northern California)

Note***we recommend pre-registration for YOGA classes & Kirtan.
Advance tickets at Brownpapertickets.com for Portland, Sebastapol, Nevada City & San Rafael. All other dates please use contact info for pre-registration.

Tour Dates:

Nashville ( Weekend Immersion)


Nov 16 – 18 / Liberation Yoga
Yoga Live Music + Kirtan
Contact liberationnashville.com / info@liberation

Musical Maestro Jim Beckwith

nashville.com / 615-541-5109


Bend, OR (2 events)
Saturday, Nov 24 / The Yoga Lab
4pm – 6pm Jai Ganesha: Victory to Love Yoga & Live Music

6:45 pm – 8:45 pm Heart Medicine Kirtan *
Contact for both events www.theyogalabbend.com / [email protected]

Both events will help support ‘The Ganesh Project’ (ElephantsNow.org)


Portland, OR (2 events)

Sunday, Nov 25 / Yoga Union
1pm – 3pm – Mother Prana / Yoga + Live Music with Shantala
Contact yogaunioncwc.com / [email protected]

Sunday, Nov 25 / The Movement Center


7pm – 9 pm -Atma Kirtan with Special guests Shantala (Benjy & Heather Wertheimer)

Contact: [email protected] / 503-231-00383, ext 2201

Advance Tickets: https://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/3898515


Northern California

Sebastapol, CA

Thursday, Nov 29th / Private Home

‘Honey in the Heart’ Bhakti Yoga Experience + Kirtan House Concert

7pm – 9pm / Partial Benefit for the Awakened Project
Partial Benefit for the Awakened Project

Contact: [email protected]

Jens Jarvie & The Heart Wide Open


Sebastapol, California ( 2 events)

Friday, Nov 30 / Dhyana Center

6:15 pm – 8pm Awakening Heart Yoga w/ Live Music
Advance Tickets https://yogawithsaul.brownpapertickets.com/

8:30 pm Heart Medicine Kirtan with Special Guest Ben Leinbach
Advance Tickets https://heartmedicinekirtan.brownpapertickets.com
*Refreshments available between Yoga & Kirtan at Dhyana Center Café
Contact: [email protected]


Berkeley, CA
Saturday, Dec 1 / Yoga Kula (3 Events)

12pm-2pm: Awakening Heart Yoga w/Live Music

4pm-6pm: Prana Shakti : Unlocking the Power of Breath Workshop

7:30pm: Heart Medicine Kirtan with special guest Ben Leinbach

Contact yogakula.com / [email protected]


Nevada City, CA
Sunday, Dec 2 / The Inner Path (2 Events)

3pm – 5pm Awakening Heart Yoga w/ live music

Advance Tickets https://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/3900738

7pm – 9pm Heart Medicine Kirtan

Advance Tickets https://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/3900740

Contact: https://nevadacity.innerpath.org / [email protected]


Jamestown, CA
Tuesday, Dec 4 / The Refuge

6:30 pm – Cacao Ceremony

7pm – 9pm Honey in the Heart ‘Bhakti Yoga Experience + Kirtan House Concert’

Contact – www.facebook.com/therefugejamestown/James / [email protected]


Santa Cruz
Wednesday, Dec 5th / Pleasure Point Yoga
Details TBD

Contact – www.pleasurepointyoga.com


San Rafael, CA
Thursday, Dec 6 / Open Secret Bookstore
7:30pm Heart Medicine Kirtan w/ special guest Ben Leinbach
Kava + Cacao Night!

Advance Tickets – https://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/3900746

Contact – www.opensecretbookstore.com/ [email protected]


Sacramento CA (3 events)

Friday, Dec 7  – Yoga Shala Sacramento (Arden Studio)
7:30pm – Heart Medicine Kirtan

Saturday, Dec 8th 10am – 11:45 am
Awakening Heart ~ Healing Yoga, Meditation + Chanting w/ Live music

Dec 8th 1pm – 3pm
Prana ~ Unlocking the Healing Power in our Breath

Contact YogaShalaSac.com



We are grateful for the support of the following organizations…

The GANESH Project / ElephantsNow.org

A portion of the proceeds from these events will go to support the Elephant Ecology work of The Ganesh Project. Asian Elephants are endangered please help ! ElephantsNow.org for more info.

Grateful for the support of 2 of our favorite festivals

Hanuman Festival / www.hanumanfestival.com
Be the Monkey !

Bhaktifest / www.bhaktifest.com
Be in the Bhav!

Seva – A portion of the proceeds from this tour will go to support groups working for the health of the planet and all its inhabitants.


For more information:

Saul David Raye ~ www.atmayoga108.com / www.atmamusic.com

Jim Beckwith ( Hanuman Das) ~ www.jimbeckwithmusic.com

Jens Jarvie & The Heart Wide Open ~ www.jensjarvie.com

The Ganesh Project ~ www.ElephantsNow.org


Event Descriptions:

Awakening Heart
Soul Centered Yoga, Meditation + Live Music for Transforming Times

We are living in a time of great awakening and transformation both individually and collectively. We are in a process of Awakening together. The human heart holds the keys to our transformation at both a personal and planetary level. The Heart is the seat of our vital force, our spiritual essence and our deepest feeling and aliveness. Ancient spiritual traditions along with artists, poets, musicians, lovers all and modern science have all been fascinated by the human heart and how to tap into it and understand its profound energy and affect on our being. The next level of our evolution is tied into the awakening and integration of H E A R T Consciouness.

Join us for this intimate, healing yoga practice as we explore teachings practices and tools to help us all tap into the power and magic of our hearts.

Yoga classes will include a short dharma talk, practice of heart/soul centered yoga, meditation, chanting and beautiful live music with Shantala.

All levels are welcome.


Heart Medicine Kirtan: An Evening of Ecstatic Chanting

Join us for an intimate and soul-stirring evening of chanting, music, mantras and medicine songs as we come together in community and celebrate the journey of life. Kirtan is the practice of chanting or singing in a group. Sanskrit mantras, prayers, medicine songs, soulful grooves, dancing and heart wisdom allow for a deep communal experience. It is at once a practice of meditation, exploration and activation that connects us back to the heart.
Acclaimed Yogi and Mantra Music Artist Saul will be joined by the wonderful talents of various artists including Jim Beckwith, Shantala (Benjy & Heather Wertheimer), Jens Jarvie, Ben Leinbach, Kat McMillan, Hudost and local musicians for these beautiful devotional evenings.


Honey in the Heart ~ Bhakti Yoga Experience + Kirtan House Concert

Bhakti yoga is the yoga of the heart, it is the practice of devotion which awakens the deep love within all of us.

Please join us for this intimate and interactive mantra music concert ~ an evening of chanting, music, mantras and medicine songs as we come together in community and celebrate the journey of life. Through teachings & reflections we will explore the path of Bhakti and the practice chanting as a one of self-healing, peace and awakening.


Prana Shakti – Soul Sadhana (Yoga Practice with live Music)

Prana is the life current or force that sustains our being and is the basis of a living Uni-verse. According to ancient yogic teachings, Prana is also the gateway to the Soul, she is Mother of all things, the inner teacher, she gives life, nourishment and consciousness to all things. Both Ancient Yoga & Ayurveda were rooted in the science or understanding Prana. This class will share teachings and practices to support us in awakening and strengthen the flow of prana within, connecting intuitively with the living intelligence of prana and opening the gateway to the infinite within.

All levels welcome – class will include the practice of breath/heart centered yoga, chanting, simple meditation and live music.

 Unlocking the Sacred Healing Power of our Breath

(Healing Breath Workshop)

“Make friends with your breath, it will introduce you to your Soul.” ~ Shailendra Sharma

There is no energy more essential to life itself than breath, it is the force that connects mind, body and Spirit. Within our very breath, is the power to heal, rejuvenate and awaken the life energy inside of us.

In this unique workshop we will dive into the ancient and sacred science of breath known in sacred traditions around the world, practice and learn different techniques of breathing for 4 main actions; cleansing / awakening, energizing, balancing and calming/cooling. We will also explore developing and strengthen our lungs, respiratory system, and breath capacity, using the breath for longevity, how to use the breath in meditation, and how to use breath for when we need it to shift our energy levels and raise our vibration.

This workshop will support a deep connection to the healing power of breath.




November 16, 2018
December 8, 2018
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United States


November 16, 2018
December 8, 2018
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United States