You can order the recordings of all 5 sessions below. Still offered on a sliding scale.
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A C T I V A T E ! ~  Dynamic Meditation Series
5 Day Mantra +  Meditation + Presence Practice for Creativity, Love + Inner Peace
*Course Offered on a sliding scale $25 – $108

Join Saul for an inspiring 5 day series of Dynamic Meditations. Each day we will focus on a specific qualities and practice dynamic meditations [mantras, meditation, breath-work, intention, presence, movement & prayer]. Each meditation flows in a totally unique way and invites each us into the power of the present moment to access our own connection, creativity and aliveness. All levels are welcome.

Each practice will include a short dharma teaching, a mantra, chanting /singing and full dynamic meditation. We will co-create a powerful field of presence and support each participant in deepening their own practice of meditation, chanting and creativity. We are each a part of the collective field of consciousness, getting centered and vibrating at a higher level of love, joy, peace and compassion ripples out into the field.
“The dynamic meditations i have been practicing and sharing for the last few years have been very deep, alive & intuitive. It has been an enjoyable way to enter into deeper states of meditation, presence + prayer. The collective energy field creates a a powerful and safe field and allows each person their own personal experience.”
~ saul david raye
Monday July 1

Day1  ~ Grounding + Presence

Tuesday July 2

Day 2 – Power of Connection  / Aligning with Source

Wednesday July 3

Day 3 –  Creativity & Inspiration / Nourishing the Inner Fire

Thursday July 4
Day 4  – Love & Joy / Cultivating the Healing Power of Love + Inner Joy
Friday July 5
Day 5 –  Peace  / Inner Peace is the seed for Peace in our World
Monday July 1 – July 5
8:30 am PT / 9:30 am MT / 10:30 am CT / 11:30 am ET
  • Sessions wil be 60 – 75 minutes &  recorded / watch / listen when your have time

*Course Offered on a sliding scale $25 – $108
Once we receive your donation, the recordings of all 5 sessions below will be sent to you.  Still offered on a sliding scale.
Please make sure to mention ‘5 day meditation’ when registering!

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