Soul Sessions ~ One on One (via phone or skype)


After more requests over the years to support people with specific needs or in a more personal way, I created ‘Soul Sessions’ as a way to support students on their path of healing, Awakening and self-discovery. We use presence, breath, intention, listening, reflection, meditation, chanting and various energetic tools to support you in tapping into your souls deeper wisdom and knowing, access your center and connect back to a place of trust and flow with life. When i have time in my schedule, I am offering these personal personal ‘Soul Sessions’ on a sliding scale. (see below). We all have to do the work and having good support and clear perspective is invaluable.

Here are some of the things I can help support you with:

• Creating a daily meditation / soul centering practice

• Perspective –seeing the big pictue for your life path & finding your center within it

• Tapping into the power of your heart presence & soul wisdom

• Tools & practices to grow and expand your life energy

• Getting a deeper & non-reactive perspective on life’s challenges

• Clearing stuck energy patterns & habits

• Create healing changes diet, routine, practice, balance and visioning

• Developing compassion, courage and understanding

• Creating a personal chanting practice using the power of sound, prayer and mantra

• Learn skillful heart–centered communication

• Tapping into your gifts and ways to use them in service

• Deepening your intuition and empathic abilities.

• Conscious breathwork for health, vibrant energy and peace.

• Deepening your yoga practice through meditation, chanting & philosophy.


Soul sessions are from 60 -75 minutes depending on the need for time and are offered on a sliding scale to make therm more accessible for everyone. $125 – $200 per session. Please pay what you can afford and feel is equitable.

If  you have already scheduled a session, you can make payment below

or  to book a session // [email protected]

Sliding Scale


“When Saul sent out a newsletter letting people know he was available for sessions, I knew that was exactly what I needed. I don’t think that he was calling them healing sessions, but healing is what I received. I had been stuck in a really difficult place for a while, despite my own therapies and personal work. Saul provided context from the yoga and healing perspective for what I had been experiencing, yet something profound was happening while he was talking. It was as if a huge dark cloud was lifting from around my head. It literally felt like some things were shifting energetically in my body and I was becoming lighter. I could feel energy clearing happening as he was offering support for what I had been struggling with … After that session I had felt more light and joyful than I have in years. It was truly amazing. I highly recommend doing a private session to deepen your connection with self, personalize your yoga, or just to get support for existing in dynamic world. He included prayer, chanting, and wisdom that helped me come home to myself. Saul is a real, heart-centered, compassionate, and deeply caring teacher and this session was a special experience to be able to receive that so personally. It was truly a gift.” ~ W. De Rosa Teacher, Author

“Soul Sessions with Saul are a great support on my journey. It is exactly what I need to help ground me to my inner knowing and keep me accountable to self care. I highly value Saul’s knowledge of spiritual and practical practices that he intuitively offers. His ability to mirror with love keeps bringing me back to my true self and path.” ~ F. Rainey Corporate Health Care Manager

“My Soul Session with Saul took place when I was deeply immobile unable to drop into the heart space for answers. Almost immediately after my Soul Session, magical synrocnicites occurred and within hours and days I had answers to my heart’s questions. Saul’s energetic heart presence is palpable through time and space even if you are thousands of miles away! Saul is one of the few people I know who is directly connected to Spirit and who uses the energy of the heart in his sessions with deep listening, personalized mantra and providing practical tips and practices to continue on the path, letting life and Love unfold.” ~ L. Rose