Heart + Soul:
Mens Healing Retreat 

Winter Solstice ~ Dec. 18 – 21, 2019

Facilitated by Saul David Raye
I invite you to join me for our next Mens retreat this winter solstice for 4 days/3 nights of deep mens work, connection, exploration and inner healing. We will practice daily yoga, meditation, toning and breathwork to health and energy cultivation. Daily healing circles and support for inner work and ceremony and time in nature for the soul. Together we will deepen our relationship and commitment  to key areas of life; Purpose, Passion, Power & Peace. 
Retreat will  focus on these main areas. 
  • Purpose. Connection & Support to Living your Dharma (Truth)
  • Passion: Getting in touch with your Fire.
  • Relationship to Power (Shakti) ~ Cultivating a good relationship with power and using it in service.
  • Peace ~ Practices for cultivating and maintaining Inner Peace

Practices + Topics during Retreat 

  • Daily Yoga, Breathwork + Meditation
  • Mens Healing Circles: In sacred space, working with anger, pain, shame, blame, insecurity etc
  • Spiritual + mental + physical practices for wholeness + balance
  • Support in Living & Speaking your truth
  • Power of Sound: Healing Chants, toning and mantras  to tap into the power
  • Power of Stillness: learning how to still the mind and tap into Source  through Meditation.
  • Tools for working with powerful emotions
  • Sacred Ceremony for Self and Ancestral healing
  • Embracing the Wounded Healer, the Sage and the Compassionate Warrior – Keys toward mastery
  • Love, Sex + Intimacy – Practices and support to own, awaken and Awakening and Balancing Sexual Energy + Fulfillment
  • Energy cultivation – Practices for health, longevity, and circulating energy
Course is offered for $875  which includes accommodation, meals, full program.
We will have space for about 12 men.
If you would like to join us, please reserve your space today.
For more info –  [email protected]